Information about vCards

A vCard contains your address data; current versions are 2.1 und 3.0; version 4.0 will be available soon.
Nearly all mailingsystems or organizers support vCards; they could be generated and exported for any entry in their build in address book.
Even cellphones work with vCards (e.g. exchange of addresses with other cellphones).
Frequently used mailing systems / organizers are MS-Outlook and Thunderbird or your Cellphone.
Once generated, you can use this vCard over and over to exchange your addresses.
In case of changes on your personal data (e.g. Family Name after marriage), you simply can generate a new one.
Learn more about vCards in Wikipedia

'Short remarks':
  • vCard is a standard and common
  • vCards are used to exchange addresses between cellphones
  • Version 4.0 is nearly complete developed
  • Version 4.0 has a lot of improvements
  • vCards a ready for use
  'Needs for generating a vCard':
  • Organizer or Mailer opened
  • a (complete) filled entry in address book
  • this entry must be selected/highlighted (normally)
  • click button or menu: export as vCard
  • confirm save file as...
  • remember the location of this file on your computer
  • use it for registration as a vCard upload