Information for Provider

Please, have a look to the graphic below.
It shows the whole process, we think nearly self-explanatory.
The best way to recognize the power of this tool is to make the short test under 'online registration'.
Think about that you need a vCard for this! See section 'needs for generating a vCard' under tab 'Infos about vCards'.
Please, download one or more of the Test-Cards (here-1, here-2, here-3).
Then click on 'online registration' and start an easy test
For the test itself you need only a few seconds, (if you know, where the vCard is stored on your machine).
If you like, you can generate and export your personal vCard from your Mailersystem (e.g. via Export Menu) and use this one for the test.
The vCard here-1 contains both addresses - business and home!
You will see that this tool will increase the acceptance of the users, destroys barriers
and helps to overcome user's inhibitions to register essentially.
But what's behind 'Provider processes data' shown in the graph below?
Only a few pieces of software! One programmer of our company has implemented what yo can see here: in one and a half working days.
We are shure that every programmer is able to implement this in your software in a short period of time!
But if necessary, we can assist you!
You are interested in this, you want to have more detailed information about the features?
Simple fill in your real demographic data in the registration form (perhaps you will use for this your own created vCard?!)
Please, don't forget to check the box 'Please contact me'!
The data will be stored in our database and you will receive a registration acknowledgment with contact information.
AND: We will contact you as soon as possible!

Ready to go to the 'Online-Registration' on left tab?
Check it out...