How it works

Every day, millions of people do a hard job to fill their demographics into internet based registration forms. In this case, browser support is rarely given.
As from now you can use an effective and simple way to do this job in only a few seconds.
- Without misstyping
- Without wasting your time
- Without investigating to much energy and concentration
Simple and fast.
The process is based on a simple upload of your vCard. See section 'needs for generating a vCard' under tab 'Infos about vCards'.
If your service provider supports / offers this feature, registration becomes an easy job!
For using this upload feature, you have to generate your personal vCard only once and keep it as a file on your PC, Notebook, Handheld (PDA) or Cellphone.
Only in case of changes in your demographics, you have to rebuild an updated vCard.
As often as you like, you can use the same vCard on every website which supports / offers the upload of a vCard.
Nearly every Organizer or Mailer supports generating and exporting vCards.
Please, download one or more of the Test-Cards (here-1, here-2, here-3).
Then click on 'online registration' and start an easy test
For the test itself you need only a few seconds, (if you know, where the vCard is stored on your machine).
The vCard here-1 contains both addresses - business and home!

Ready to go to Online-Registration on left tab?
Then check it out...